OCE ColorWave 500 MFP

  • $8,999.99




Large Format Technical Document Management with Advanced Security

Designed for CAD professionals, the PlotWave 450 and PlotWave 550 printing systems address end-to-end technical document workflow. From print drivers and job submission software to neatly stacked and collated documents, you can depend on our solutions, developed to meet and exceed real-world needs for decentralized or centralized (printroom) environments with mid- to largesized CAD workgroups. Touch the new way of walk-up printing, copying, and scanning with the large ClearConnect color touchscreen interface. Using the same multi-touch gestures as tablet computers and high-end smartphones, you can easily control the printer, copier, and scanner with your fingertips: tap, pinch, swipe, flick, spread, and more; zoom in on details of a drawing; print from and scan to your cloud of choice, USB flash drive, or network folder; configure Canon's Smart Inbox and send print files and jobs to a project or personal folder. Then simply walk up and select your files or jobs you wish to print. Documents are output to the integrated Top Delivery Tray using air separation for neatly stacked and collated documents.


Core Technologies Radiant Fusing Technology

An eco-friendly fusing method, providing instant-on with no warm-up time required. It consumes less energy and emits less noise when compared to conventional fusing. Work faster by minimizing waiting time. It enables quick printer availability even from sleep mode. Go from cold sleep to print in hand — in less than 30 seconds. Compared to a slow three minutes for conventional large format printers, Radiant Fusing technology can save up to an hour per day in printing delays. Reduce energy usage with ENERGY STAR®-recognized Radiant Fusing technology. During the fusing process, the toner melts and is fused to the media via heat rising from a grid of wires, without distorting the image. With no conventional pressure rollers required, maintain a lower temperature. Since the system heats and cools instantly, there is no need for noisy fans, and the system runs “whisper quiet” in standby, ready, and sleep modes. Radiant Fusing technology results in sharper printed output while preventing resolution loss, dot size degradation, and line fuzziness as a result of the toner melting exactly where it is placed on the media.


Color Image Logic Technology Color Image

Logic technology was developed and patented with the objective that 99 percent of all originals should be copied and scanned with the right quality the first time without any operator intervention. This improves efficiency as the process of copying and scanning can be a very time-consuming task. Technical document originals, even if imperfect — including dark backgrounds, fold lines, wrinkles, or text — result in quality copies and scans the first time. New Technologies! Canon's POWERsync Controller with Microsoft Windows Embedded 8, 64 bit Engineered to handle complex operations efficiently, from enriched document previews to processing complex PDF files. The system is driven by a Microsoft Windows Embedded 8 platform, offering the latest security features to protect confidential documents. Scan Templates — Customize and Save Your Specifications In the daily scan workflows of enterprises, there is a strong need for the standardization of scan jobs for consistency. In order to increase the scan productivity even more, the PlotWave 450 and PlotWave 550 printing systems introduce scan templates accessible on the home screen of the ClearConnect user panel. You can define up to 200 templates through Canon's Express WebTools software. All settings available within the scan menu can be stored in one template and named for easy recognition (for example, original type, file type, resolution, destination, filename prefix, etc.).

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