OCE 500 Colorwave + 2 Roll Unit 50k mt + 2 Years Warranty

OCE 500 Colorwave + 2 Roll Unit 50k mt + 2 Years Warranty

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OCE 500 Colorwave + 2 Roll Unit 50k mt + 2 Years Warranty

Océ ColorWave 500

An all-in-one colour printer, the Océ ColorWave 500 is the ideal solution for work-groups, featuring powerful technologies to support CAD, GIS and graphics applications with instant-dry and water-resistant prints.



  • Instant-dry and water-resistant prints on uncoated media at speeds of 225 A1/h in black & white and 212 A1/h in colour; plus integrated output options
  • 2 to 4 rolls with width up to 1067mm (42”)
  • Swift running at peak hours with the help of Intel® Core™ i3 processor, dual hard drive and 8GB RAM; ideal for project environments
  • Fast processing and great predictability in end-to-end PDF workflows with Adobe® PDF Print Engine 3 (APPE3)
  • Enhanced security ensured with Windows® 8 embedded controller, secure cloud connectivity, on-board user authentication feature and optional removable hard disk
  • Optimal up-time and quality thanks to automatic nozzle failure correction on the fly
  • New media path design that operates without touching printed area
  • Great results in scanning highlighted areas and mixed originals with optional built-in colour scanner
  • 10.6 inch touch screen with tablet like gestures; accessible through mobile and cloud connected devices
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified system offers savings on energy bills without sacrificing performance, features, and comfort; and with virtually no dust or ozone emission

Detailed Features

Take a more detailed look into the Océ ColorWave 500

Versatile and ideal for multi-user project groups


A highly productive workgroup printer, the ENERGY STAR® qualified Océ ColorWave 500 features an optional built-in colour scanner and integrated output options. The system is ideal for applications such as CAD, GIS and graphics in the manufacturing, architecture, construction and design industries. It supports in-house or remote work-groups and central print rooms with a requirement for instant dry and water resistant prints on roll-based media.

The next generation of CrystalPoint technology


The next generation of CrystalPoint technology comes with a new media path design in order to support you with higher print quality. With the 4 coloured Océ TonerPearl system, you will get excellent adhesion properties even on uncoated media.

Ideal for Multi-user Environments


Don’t compromise on speed and quality, even at peak hours. The Océ ColorWave 500 comes with an Intel® Core™ i3 processor, dual hard drive and 8GB RAM. Thanks to the embedded Adobe® PDF Print Engine 3, you will get accurate previews and fast processing speeds with end-to-end PDF workflows.


Reduced need for servicing


Océ PAINT technology repairs nozzle failures automatically, even on the fly. You will get extended imaging device life and fewer requirements for daily maintenance.

Intuitive touch screen and easy accessibility


Enjoy great usability thanks to an intuitive touch screen with tablet-like gestures. Using the Océ ClearConnect touch screen, you can easily preview, print, retrieve, create sets, zoom-in, zoom-out, select rolls and print profiles, see toner levels and connect to 3rd party software applications.

Colour scanning


The integrated colour scanner with patented Océ Colour Image Logic® ensures high quality scans regardless of the condition of the original. It automatically optimises scans by clearing background noise and capturing detail, even from mixed originals that include text, highlighted lines and photos.

Secure and connected


Securely print from and scan to your USB, tablet, mobile phone or cloud server by using user authentication features.

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