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High Speed Continuous Crop Mark Detection

An optical sensor enables automatic consecutive detection of crop marks throughout the nested image which the Inkjet printer prints, in combination with the automatic adjustment function to obtain precise contour cutting.

By continuously detecting a maximum of 4 points, nested images in both X axis and Y axis can be cut aligning each image automatically.

Accurate Media Feeding Ensures Precise Contour Cutting

Necessary media length is fed in advance to reduce tension during cutting. This functions increases the precision of long-length print media cutting.

"HALF CUT" Mechanism, a Proprietary Technology of Mimaki

With the original half cut function, the backing sheet can be cut leaving a little bit of half cut connecting points,which can be easily detached when necessary.Various media without backing sheets can be also cut.


Other Functions

  • Selectable clamp pressure with high and low setting ensures accurate cutting of various media.
  • Selectable three jog speeds ensure proper and easy positioning of the head to the point.
  • Over-cut function makes the starting and ending points overlapped, which eliminates uncut portion of the media.
  • Media can be loaded from back or front.
  • Up to 6 roll media can be set at a time(1 set standard).
  • Plug-in cutting software for CorelDRAW and Illustrator is included.
  • A special adaptor to use commercially available pens and USB interface are included.



The Mimaki CG-FXII Series roll-based cutting plotters include a number of features for producing a wide range of contour-cut pieces. High-speed continuous crop mark detection.
An optical sensor enables automatic, consecutive detection of crop marks throughout the nested image, in combination with an automatic adjustment function for precise contour cutting.

Half cut mechanism with the proprietary half cut function where the backing sheet can be cut leaving behind a small connecting point that can be easily detached when necessary. This enables easier handling when removing the contour cut piece from the sheet.

Over cut function  - An over cut function makes a cross cut at the start and end positions, resulting in sharp edges with no undercut fragments.



  • Cut-Vinyl Signage
  • Decals
  • Graphics
  • Labels
  • Logos
  • Signage
  • Stickers



  CG-75FXII Plus CG-130FXII Plus CG-160FXII Plus
Acceptable sheet width 90mm~1,040mm (3.54"~40.9") 90mm~1,580mm (3.54"~62.0") 90mm~1,880mm (3.54"~74")
Rolled media weight 18kg (40 lb) or less 22kg (49 lb) or less
Roll outsied diameter φ200mm (7.87") or less
Effective cutting area *1 760mm x 51m (29.9" x 167') 1,300mm x 51m (51.2" x 167') 1,600mm×51m (62.9"×167’)
Maximum auto cutting width *2 870mm (34.2") 1,425mm (56.1") 1,720mm (67.7")
Maximum cutting speed 100cm/s (39.3"/s)
Maximum moving speed 140cm/s (55"/s) (In a 45° direction and in a pen-up state)
Adjustable speed range *3 1-10cm/s : 1cm step adjustment
(0.39"-3.94"/s : 0.39" step adjustment)
10-50cm/s : 5cm step adjustment
(3.94"-19.68"/s : 2" step adjustment)
50-100cm/s : 10cm step adjustment
(19.68"-39.37" : 3.94" step adjustment)
Mechanical resolution 5µm (0.0002")
Command resolution 25μm, 10μm(MGL-IIc), 100μm, 50μm(MGL-Ic1)
Repeatability ±0.2mm (Excluding shrinkage / expansion caused by the film temperature)
Accuracy assurance range (Repeatability) 760mm x 10m (29.9" x 32.8') 1,300mm x 10m (51.2" x 32.8') 1,600mm x 10m (63.0" x 32.8')
Max. pressure 500g
Range of down pressure Cutter 10~20g(2g step), 20~100g(5g step), 100~500g(10g step)
Pouncing 10~20g(2g step), 20~100g(5g step), 100~500g(10g step)
Pen 10~20g(2g step), 20~100g(5g step), 100~150g(10g step)
Acceptable sheet *4 Vinyl up to 0.25mm(0.01")thickness,
Fluorescent type vinyl Reflective sheet
Acceptable sheet for pouncing *5 Paper thickness: 0.06~0.13mm (0.0024"~0.005")
Applicable tools *6 Cutter, Water based ball-point pen,
Oil based ball-point pen, Pouncing tool
Certifications VCCI class A, FCC class A, ETL IEC 60950-1
CE Marking (EMC, Low voltage, Machinery directive, and RoHS),
Type of command MGL-II c / I c1
Interface RS-232C, USB
Receiver buffer size 30MB Standard (20MB when in sorting)
Operational environment Temperature: 5~35°C (41~95°F), 35%–75% RH (Non-condensing)
Power requirement AC100V~240V 1A 50/60Hz
Power consumption 100W or less
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1,285mm(50.5")x
Weight (with stands) 47kg (104 lb) 62kg (137 lb) 70kg (154 lb)


*1: Maximum sheet feeding length differs depending on the software.
*2: Sheet width to cut off from the roll.
*3: Restricted sheet width.
*4: Provided that the blade specific to fluorescent type vinyl (SPB-0007) and the blade specific to reflective sheet (SPB-0006) are used.
*5: Pouncing tool intended specifically for pouncing shall be used.
*6: The goods on the market are φ8~φ9 Pen. Accuracy and image quality are not guaranteed.

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