Kip C7800 DIGITAL COLOR PRINTER - Recertified  + 2 Years Warranty

Kip C7800 DIGITAL COLOR PRINTER - Recertified + 2 Years Warranty

  • $10,999.99
  • Save $2,000

KIP C7800

Wide-format applications that demand the highest level of quality, speed and cost-efficiency find a perfect solution in the colour and B/W production print system KIP C7800. With its speedy 390 square metres per hour in B/W and 325 square metres per hour in colour, this device is ideal for graphical and technical environments. The KIP C7800 provides powerful print control capabilities and versatile production advantages, including a wide range of print submission methods, dedicated RIPs to manage colour applications, scan and copy functionality and fully integrated stacking, folding and trimming.

  • Production-speed, wide format printing for monochrome and colour prints at between 325 and 390 square metres per hour
  • LED system with 600 x 2400 dpi resolution output; CMYK dry toner system to produce UV- and water-resistant images
  • Highly versatile media handling: 3 online roll decks plus 1 manual bypass sheet feed
  • Wide range of approved standard and special media for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Range of software applications for technical documents and full-colour graphics production; integration of professional Graphic RIP software and standard cost review tools
  • Advanced finishing options for users with stacking, folding and automatic cutting requirements; upgradable system with professional scanners for copy stations



(1) Electro Photographic full color LED printer

(2) Supports wide range of print size, 914mm (36”) width x 6,000mm length maximum, 297mm (11”) x 210mm (8.5”) minimum.

(3) 600dpi print resolutions produce the highest quality images controlled by an advanced KIP  Image Process System. 

(4) Drastically reliable media transportability brought by Media Feed Belt Conveyer system allows stability of creating excellent image quality and long media feeding.

(5) CMYK process systems in tandem, resulting in smaller footprint, provides high performance productivity of 4.7 prints/minute of A0 color printing. 

(Color Print: 100mm/s maximum, Mono: 120mm/s)

(6) Four color toner allows a broad selection of media type for Folor printing, such as a plain paper  / bond roll media, saving consumables cost than a wide format inkjet printer. 

(7) Prints are available to use immediately, free from drying time and wrinkling by the KIP C7800 dry toner.

(8) Easy access to the front USB port allows th users for efficient productivity “USB to Print”.

(9) Touch screen Operating Panel offers an intuitive UI for advanced operability to configure and submit a print job.

(10) Includes Print Tray for stacking prints as a standard accessory. High capacity Auto Stacker is available (option).

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