HP Designjet 360 Latex 64in Printer - Refurbished - (1 Year Warranty) + 54" Graphtec FC8600-130 High Performance Vinyl Cutting Plotter + 55in Full-auto Wide Format Cold Laminator with Heat Assisted

HP Designjet 360 Latex 64in Printer - Refurbished - (1 Year Warranty) + 54" Graphtec FC8600-130 High Performance Vinyl Cutting Plotter + 55in Full-auto Wide Format Cold Laminator with Heat Assisted

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HP Designjet 360 Latex 64in Printer - Refurbished - (1 Year Warranty)


HP Designjet 360 Latex 64in Printer - Refurbished - (1 Year Warranty)

Exceed client expectations with production speeds ideal for handling urgent jobs. The HP 360 Printer produces indoor and outdoor prints on a variety of traditional signage substrates—even textiles. And high-quality, durable prints provide scratch resistance comparable to hard-solvent inks. The higher-volume, 64-inch HP Latex 360 Printer prints up to 978 ft2/hr and increases application versatility with an ink collector for porous textiles. The printer also features automatic front-to-back registration for printing double-sided banners. Features: Production speed, high-quality output Increases opportunities with application versatility Build a healthier environment, inside and out 64" wide Product Performance & Suitability: All of the descriptive information and recommendations for the use of LexJet products should be used only as a guide. Furnishing such information and recommendations shall in no event constitute a warranty of any kind by LexJet. All purchasers of LexJet products shall independently determine the suitability of the material for the purpose for which it is purchased. Seller's and manufacturer's only obligation shall be to replace such quantity of the product proved to be defective. Neither the seller nor manufacturer shall be liable either in tort or in contract for any loss or damage, direct, incidental or consequential (Including loss of profits or revenue) arising out of the use of or the inability to use the product. No statement or recommendation not contained herein shall have any force or effect unless in agreement signed by officers of seller and manufacturer.

Key features

  • Maximum printing speed is 91m²/hr (980ft²/hr).
  • Print up to 64 inches.
  • Print a wider variety of signage and graphics, including billboards, hoardings, taxi wraps, outdoor banners, and more.
  • Achieve high-quality, 1200 dpi images with six colours.
  • No additional ventilation, hazard labels or HAPs are required, and the ink is nickel-free.
  • Perfect for producing outdoor prints, as they last up to five years when laminated, three when not.

One of the best outdoor printers on the market

HP Latex inks have many benefits over even eco-solvent inks, as they are odourless, of a high-quality and have significant health advantages. You don’t need to specially ventilate this printer, or attach hazard labels to it – the water-based inks are nickel-free, non-flammable and non-combustible.

Not only does this benefit your staff members and improve their safety, it also opens your business up to increased opportunities. For example, the fact the ink is odourless means you could print signage for the healthcare industry. Plus, this printer is great at producing high-quality, durable outdoor prints. Even unlaminated the prints can last up to three years outside – this rises to five years when the prints are laminated.

Durable prints that last

The 360’s Latex inks are part of what makes this machine particularly impressive. Combining the best characteristics of the water-based and solvent alternatives, they ensure the signage and display materials you produce are scratch-resistant and durable, even when placed outside without lamination.

With colour resolution up to 1200 x 1200 dpi, expect crisp lines and radiant colours too, helping you to exceed client expectations on every job.

You can speed up delivery times too, as the prints are cured inside the printer, meaning they always come out dry. This increases production time and means your members of staff spend less time hanging around the printer; it’s so reliable, it can be left alone.

You can speed up delivery times too, as the prints are cured inside the printer, meaning they always come out dry. This increases production time and means your members of staff spend less time hanging around the printer; it’s so reliable, it can be left alone.

Print speeds of up to 91 m²/hr - Max Speed (1 pass); 31 m²/hr - Outdoor High Speed (4 pass); 23 m²/hr - Outdoor Plus (6 pass); 17 m²/hr - Indoor Quality (8 pass); 14 m²/hr - Indoor High Quality (10 pass); 6.4 m²/hr - Backlits, Textiles, and Canvas (16 pass); 5 m²/hr - High Saturation Textiles (20 pass); up to 1200 x 1200 dpi; 9 print cartridges (black, cyan, light cyan, light magenta, magenta, yellow, HP Latex Optimizer); Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T); Roll feed; take-up reel; automatic cutter
Produce high quality for indoors and out, at production speeds ideal for handling urgent jobs. Do textiles[1]. Durable prints provide scratch resistance comparable to hard-solvent inks[2]. Enjoy healthier printing with water-based HP Latex Inks[3].

One-year, limited hardware warranty. Warranty may vary by country as required by law. Go to hp.com/support to learn about HP award winning service and support options in your region.


54" Graphtec FC8600-130 High Performance Vinyl Cutting Plotter

The FC8600 series high performance cutting plotter is an industry leader for sign makers, graphic artists, automotive aftermarket professionals, countertop installers and other related users. The FC8600 series features a maximum cutting speed of 58.5 in/sec, 4.0G maximum acceleration, and 20 to 600g selectable cutting forces, allowing users to process diamond grade, high-intensity reflective film, sandblast resist rubber, automotive window & paint protection films, self-adhesive vinyl, Amberlith™  and Rubylith™ , among other media types. 

• 3 inch wide user-friendly LCD control Panel, a Dual configuration function (two-user set and save customized conditions), included Ethernet capability (run multiple machines from one location), and an option for additional push rollers with 3 tension settings and the new 5th Generation ARMS system (automatically detects registration marks with color variants).

• Graphtec’s next generation ARMS system adjusts for several types of potential print distortions, allowing for accurate contour cutting of pre-printed images and decals.
New Features of the New ARMS
•  Optical Sensor for Auto Alignment
•  Sensitivity adjustment for registration mark detection on various media and colors.

PERF CUT ENABLED high performance cutters finish the job!
• With its included perf cut enabled custom tool settings—you have the ability to perforate cut all the way through your pre printed vinyl media for pop-out full-color stickers and decals without damaging your blade or cutting plotter machine.


• New manufacturing technologies, along with the latest engineering advancements, have allowed Graphtec to make an unprecedented move forward in the industry. High performance features have been added to the new series yet its competitive pricing remains.
• With the world’s fastest throughput performance and superb accuracy, the new FC8600 series accommodates the most demanding cutting and plotting projects and provides users with the versatility needed for a wide variety of applications.

Price Includes:
Floor stands, media roll rack, media catch basket, Graphtec Studio standalone software, and also includes Cutting Master 3 plug-in software for Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw.

• Perf Cut Through Vinyl Media
• Cut Window Tint Film
• Cut Paint Protection Film
• Cut Etching and Sandblast Resist Stencils
• Cut High-Intensity Reflective 
• Cut Diamond Grade Media 


Digital Servo Friction feed with MicroGritroll™ drive
Contour Cutting
Pro Vinyl Cutters
Intended Use

Max. cut width
(expanded mode)

1372 mm (54 in)

Max Cutting Length

15,240mm (600 in)
Mountable media
Max. width
1529 mm (60.2 in)
Min. width
50 mm (2 in)
Max. cross cut area
1496 mm (58.9 in)
Max. cutting speed (Axial)
1485 mm / sec (58.5 in/s) at a 45° angle
Max. axial acceleration
4.0 G (39.2 m/s2)
Cutting pressure
20 g to 600 g (0.196 N to 5.88 N) in 48 steps
Min. character size*1
3 mm (0.125 in) alphanumeric Helvetica med. Font
Mechanical resolution
0.005 mm (0.0002 in)
Programmable resolution
GP-GL : 0.1 / 0.05 / 0.025 / 0.01 mm , HP-GL™ : 0.025 mm
Max. 0.1 mm / 2 m (0.0039 in / 80in)
Accepts (1) cutting blade, (1) plotting pen, or (1) pouncing tool ; Second penholder (optional)
Motor Type
Blade types
Supersteel (0.9 mm or 1.5 mm), Sapphire(1.5 mm)
Pen types
Water-based fiber-tip, oil-based ballpoint, and disposable ink pens
Pouncing tool type
Requires optional pouncing tool : (PPA33-TP12, 1.2-mm pin diameter)
Media types
Self-adhesive vinyl film, diamond grade, fluorescent film, reflective film, AmberlithTM , RubylithTM , window film, high-intensity reflective film*3 , paint protection film, up to 0.25 mm tick , sandblast resist rubber up to 1 mm thick, etc.
Compatible paper for pouncing
Regular paper from 0.06 to 0.13 mm thick
Standard interfaces
RS-232C / USB2.0 (Full speed), Ethernet
Buffer memory
2 MB
Command sets
LCD display Graphic type
3 inches LCD backlight type
Power supply
100 to 240 VAC/50 to 60 Hz (Auto switching)
Power consumption
160 VA max.
Operating environment
Temperature: +10°C to +35°C
Humidity: 35 % to 75 % (non-condensing)
Guaranteed accuracy environment
Temperature: +16°C to +32°C
Humidity: 35 % to 70 % (non-condensing)
External dimensions (W x D x H) including stand*5
1878 x 715 x 1219 mm
73.9 x 28.1 x 48 in
Weight including stand
54 kg (119 lbs)
Compatible OS
Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows Vista Macintosh OS 10.2 or later
UL, CUL, CE marking, RoHS, China RoHS


55in Full-auto Wide Format Cold Laminator with Heat Assisted


Qomolangma 55in full-auto wide format roll to roll top heat assist laminator and mounting machine. No wrinkle, no silvering, no slidding!
Equipped with heat on the top roller to activate the adhesive on your pressure sensitive lamination film, you can rest assured that you will achieve the perfect finish every time.  
WA series designed for wide format laminating or mounting application use. Entry level Full-auto roll to roll model with metal sheet construction.

Used for:
A perfect fit for entry level customer, who is looking for an affordable and professional cold laminator for projects. This new model can be widely used for pre - masking vinyl graphic, mount prints on substrate, over laminating inkjet prints and so on.  
Cold roll laminators are the perfect option for someone looking to enter the wide format graphics market. Equipped with all of the features needed to produce most applications, Qomolangma cold roll laminator promises quality, performance and safety – at an affordable price.  
• Great for mounting prints to boards
• Over laminating digital prints
• Applying application tapes, applying double side adhesives and vinyl
Remark: Trimmer cutting function for your option, if you want this function, please choose "with trimmer"


• Good color reducibility and light transmittance, free of bubbles and snowflake point! 
• Free heavy duty floor stand with caster wheels
• Laminates graphics up to 55in wide
• Drop in type interchangeable 3 inches aluminum shaft
• Manual nip adjustment up to 1.38 inch for handling of most substrates
• 102mm (4in) bigger rollers for best quality laminating control
• Safety eyes for increased operator safety
• Foot switch for hands free operation
• Removable front worktable for easy film setup
• Adopt new - style aluminum alloy supporting roller.
• One side hand crank lift up system
• Button type control panel
• Variable speed control
• Forward and reverse direction control
• E-stop and photocell installed for safety
• Both auto and foot pedal switch mode
• Removable pressure plate
• Stand assembled at customer site

Electrical Requirements: AC110V / 50 - 60Hz, AC230V / 50 - 60Hz
Heated Rollers: Heat Assist
Maximum Roller Temperature: 140F (60C)
Maximum Speed: 19.685 ft / min (6m / min)
Maximum Substrate Thickness: 1.38in (35mm)
Maximum Working Width: 55in (1400mm)


Qomolangma Laminator's Advantages:
Hand crank and electric lifting: compared with pneumatic lifting structure, the roll parallel setting is more stable, meet the needs of high end customers with high laminating quality request, and there are fewer after-sales problems;
Rubber roller: the original raw rubber roller has good elasticity and durability compared with the recycled rubber;
Mechanical installation: the sheet metal is cut by laser to ensure the correct installation of the mounting hole, so as to ensure that the unwind/rewind shaft is parallel and finishing lamination is without wrinkle and air-bubble;
Electric wiring: the design of electrical structure is humanized and easy to operate.

Sign & display, window graphics, banner, poster, POP, vehicle wrapping, wallpaper, cutting sheet sticker, labels & decals, proof, POS display, package, sign board,  flyer, document finishing, floor graphics, rigid and flexible indoor displays, board and many more.



HP Designjet 360 Latex 64in Printer - Refurbished - (1 Year Warranty)

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