Automatic CNC Metal Channel Letter Bender Machine

Automatic CNC Metal Channel Letter Bender Machine

  • $11,149.00

G13ESW bending machine can process plates, profiles and stainless steel. The rolling feeding system is used. Thus it proceeds rapidly and sensitively. Moreover, the convenient material and blades switching function are integrated in the system. With double slotting cutter and double blades to alternating bend, all materials such as stainless steel, galvanized sheets, aluminum, super-word aluminum profile etc can be proceeded easily and rapidly.

rapid sensitive, sustained response, shorten the feeding time.
Passive feeding roller pressure is adjustable, for different thickness of material are outstanding performance, eliminate indentation caused by the stress on the material. 
Depending on the closed loop control of the length encoder and system effectively eliminate the possibility of feeding skid. 
The matching accuracy with the source file is ±0.1mm.

The computer and Pump is not included, please prepare it by yourself.

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