AR-LED MINI 4 LED UV Flatbed Printer For Mobile Phone Case

AR-LED MINI 4 LED UV Flatbed Printer For Mobile Phone Case

  • $3,891.99

AR-LED MINI 4 LED  UV Flatbed  Printer For Mobile Phone Case​


UV flatbed printer is not subject to any material restrictions,can print on wood ,glass,crystal ,PVC,ABS,acrylic ,metal,plastic,stone ,leather ,cloth and other textile surface color printing .Whether it is a simple block color

pattern ,full-color pattern or a pattern having a  gradation color ,can be printed once completed,no plate ,no copy

and repeat the chromatography ,colorful ,lifelike,image waterproof ,sunscreen,durable,does not fade,easy to

operate ,printing images fast ,fully in line with the printing industry standards.Low cost ,can be widely used in

special printing screen printing industry ,gift processing industry ,signage industry,glass printing industry ,

personalized printing industry ,ect.and high -quality low-cost products ,applications are very extensive .

Our advantage

1.Easy to operate ,our printer has an automatic up and down system,and equipment with high-quality sensors,

can detect the height of objects the most suitable for printing ,to protect the nozzle.

2.Our printer has a continuous ink supply system ,than the traditional ink bottle link more simple and more

convenient ,reduce the waste of ink.

3.UV LED adopt the latest LED cold light technology, no radiation, Light-up instantly without preheating,low printing

material surface temperature & no deformation..Compared with the traditional mercury lamp, UV flat-panel printers,

do not contain mercury, also won't produce ozone, safer,and more environmental.our printer equipment water cooling

system ,can rapid cooling uv lamp temperature, protect the printing object.

4.Our printer is well-made ,the use of high quality steel shell ,good texture ,wear-resistant .

5.if you need to mass production ,we also provide custom mold service ,allowing you to achieve mass production.

6.print conveniently and dry immediately,do not need any pre-treatment can achieve good print results;for glass and

ceremics ,if you want to achieve more than 3 years do not fade ,we also provide high-quality coating liquid .


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