Pro Self-Adhesive Matte Polypro with Anti-Slip Liner 8 mil (806)

Pro Self-Adhesive Matte Polypro with Anti-Slip Liner 8 mil (806)

  • $144.99


Mounted graphics and posters • Package prototypes • Short-term outdoor signage • Permanent window graphics

Physical Properties

BASE MATERIAL: Polypropylene BASE CALIPER: 8 mil LINER CALIPER: 1.2 mil BASE WEIGHT: 120 gsm ADHESIVE TYPE: Permanent Clear Acrylic FINISH: Matte OPACITY: 96 WHITENESS: 125 (CIE, Ganz) BRIGHTNESS: 108 (ISO, Blue Whiteness) CORE: 3 inch


  • Tear-resistant, bright white , 8 mil, matte polypropylene display film with permanent adhesive
  • For efficient printing of easy-to-mount photos, posters, signs, displays, package prototypes
  • Anti-slip PET liner supports trouble-free printing on legacy printers and high-speed PageWide inkjet
  • Works with legacy and new printers that use aqueous dye or pigment inks, latex inks, UV-cure inks
  • Instant-dry, water-resistant coating improves durability of prints mounted to sign blanks and boards


This value-priced, tear-resistant, self-adhesive 10 mil polypropylene display film was specifically designed to print easy-to-mount posters, signs, and event graphics on legacy and high-speed inkjet printers. The anti-slip PET film liner on this adhesive-backed polypropylene supports error-free feeding whether you use an older printer with slightly worn pinch rollers or a high-speed single-pass inkjet printer such as the HP PageWide XL. The ink-receptive coating on this bright-white, matte polypropylene accepts high ink loads for vivid, saturated colors and clean, crisp details. The instant-dry, water resistant coating enables graphics to be mounted immediately without smudges or smears. The permanent adhesive provides a long-lasting bond without edge-lift on flat surfaces such as foamboards, posterboards, sign blanks, and package prototypes.

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