OCE  TDS Plotwave 800  + 2 Years Warranty

OCE TDS Plotwave 800 + 2 Years Warranty

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Océ TDS800 printer Printing technology Océ Copy Press technology Resolution 400 dpi with Direct Dot Positioning (DDP) Print optimization User specified print optimization modes:

  • Lines&Text (200 lines per inch for excellent line accuracy); • Standard (141 lines per inch for excellent lines plus smooth grays);
  • Poster (70.7 lines per inch for excellent grays and smooth solid fills) Exposure Organic photoconductor
  • Single element LED printhead
  • Watercooled for optimal stability
  • Fixed in steel frame
  • No need for callibration during lifetime of print engine Fusing technology Direct dot positioning resulting in high detailed print quality Fusing temperature 100 degrees Celcius Toner filling Add toner bottles during printing Toner efficiency
  • 100% toner transfer
  • No toner recycling
  • No waste toner Charge units Single pin array corona unit with internal air circulation Operator warning signals
  • Yellow light on printer
  • Printer display with text and pictures supporting 2 languages simultaneously Throughput Throughput speed Choice of 6 A0/min, 8 A0/min or 10 A0/min Speed upgrades Upgrade print speed from 6 A0/min to 8 A0/min to 10 A0/min First print out time 19 seconds Start up
  • Automatic start up with customer specific timers
  • Power on/off Media Media sources Choice of 2, 4 or 6 rolls plus manual feed Media capacity Up to 200 meters per roll (i.e. 400, 800 or 1200 meter capacity) Media cutting Cutter for each roll drawer. Continuous printing speed when printing jobs from different rolls Media widths Roll width 297 mm – 914 mm

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