OCE 550 Plotwave

OCE 550 Plotwave

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Océ PlotWave 550

The new Océ PlotWave 550 is a very resilient and productive standalone multi-function system for workgroups needing to share securely, print complex document sets quickly, and produce wide format projects to professional quality.


  • Simple to use thanks to ClearConnect multi-touch operation, now with uniFLOW software
  • Full cloud integration allows printing to and from cloud systems. Printing can also be undertaken from storage media such as USBs, and via the Active Directory home folder
  • Enhanced productivity with a new, more powerful Windows 8 POWERsync controller and Océ Radiant Fusing technology taking the system from sleep to print in 30 seconds
  • Time saving workflows using ClearConnect workflow with the new Océ Publisher Select 2 and Océ Repro Desk
  • Rapid, professional printing, colour scanning and copying all in one, thanks to Océ image Logic and new Diazo copy mode, and new scan templates
  • Superior quality with 600 x 1200 dpi pico-technology
  • Efficient printing that consistently produces 10 A1/D-size sheets per minute with capacity for 2 or 4 rolls of media
  • Productive document delivery enabled via the integration of Océ PlotWave folder, directly controlled via the user interface
  • Improved security through FIPS compliant features including validation of all input/output network traffic. Access is managed using log on and a smart card reader and the hard disk can be encrypted and removed if required
  • Human and eco friendly system including silence in sleep mode, space saving ergonomic, single footprint design, energy efficiency and zero ozone emissions

Detailed Features

Take a more detailed look into Canon Océ PlotWave 550

Enjoy dependable, stress-free production

The Océ PlotWave 550 is intuitive to use. Its ClearConnect touchscreen works just like a tablet making it easy for everyone to use. The Océ Publisher Select 2 submits jobs to print and helps users to create, print and manage multiple sets of technical documents effortlessly. 

It’s now easier to produce complex sets of documents because the Océ Wide format Printer Driver for Windows allows you to preview documents before they are printed. The fully integrated Océ PlotWave folder generates quality folded documents automatically to save time and help you stay organized. Once completed, your outputs – up to 150 sheets at up to 42 inches wide – will be stacked on the Océ Delivery Tray at a conveniently ergonomic height.

Exceptional results you’ll always be happy with

The Océ PlotWave 550 is purpose-made for exacting CAD environments, such as AEC, manufacturing and print service providers. It delivers high quality black and white sets of technical documents that can withstand intensive use both on and off site. This is due to their water-fast nature and our next generation print quality. Printing can be executed at 10 pages of A1/D-sized paper per minute. Océ Image Logic® offsets wrinkles and folds found in the originals in the produced documents and also strengthens colours. 

Peace of mind with secure, durable printing

The entire award-winning Océ PlotWave series is made for the professional CAD environment. It produces high quality black and white documents that look consistently great and are resilient enough to stand up to use off and on site thanks to our water-fast prints and next generation print quality. Enjoy colour scanning too, with fewer wrinkles.

Cost-efficiency is built-in

We keep your operational costs low with a hard working construction that outlasts many comparable systems, along with features such as energy efficiency and Océ Radiant Fusing. 

Be brilliantly efficient

Our award winning Océ Radiant Fusing technology gets you started instantly by taking the printer from quiet mode to print delivery in 30 seconds. When compared to conventional printers, the Océ PlotWave 550 can save you one hour per day and cut energy costs in half. By using a WiFi router, users can access files from the cloud via their smartphone or computer, and send them to print using Océ Mobile WebTools. Our productive POWERsync controller allows you to do multiple printing, scanning and copying tasks at the same time for even better productivity. 

Always be secure

We use the latest security features and hardened security policies to protect confidential information. A Windows 8 embedded platform on our POWERsync controller forms the core of our security capability, along with smart card access to the system. Additionally, the open interface of the POWERsync controller means you to integrate this printer with existing hardware and software, like uniFLOW, without confronting operational or security issues. 

Take care of the environment

The Océ PlotWave 550 is both sensitive to people and the environment. It can be conveniently located anywhere in your office because it emits the lowest levels of ozone, noise and heat compared to conventional systems. It is fully compliant with Epeat Bronze certification, and lastly, the closed toner system prevents users from spilling and inhaling toner.

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