KIP 8000  + 2 Years Warranty

KIP 8000 + 2 Years Warranty

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HDP Plus Technology„ 22 'D' size prints per minute„ 4 roll media capacity„

Network printer or full scan-to-file system„ Modular design for easy upgrade path„

Add KIP monochrome or mono/colorscanner„

Range of available scan speeds„

Integrated with PlotWorks software

Maximum Production

The design of the KIP 8000 is focused on delivering high volume, uninterrupted print production that enables you to meet the increasingly tight deadlines of today's work environment. With outstanding print quality, the industry's lowest operational costs and off-the-chart production speed of 47 feet per minute, the KIP 8000 provides all the necessary tools for wide format document success. In addition, a monochrome or mono/color dual functionKIP scanner may be positioned on top of the printer to create a singlefootprint system, or arranged into two freestanding components to create separate printing and scanning stations.


Superior Productivity

At an astonishing print speed of 47 feet per minute (22 ‘D’size/min), the KIP 8000 is very fast.

High Definition Printing Technology

Reduced dot size, high print resolution and image smoothingtechnology (IST) provide exceptional quality, high definitionlines, distinctive grayscales and consistent solid areas.Image Smoothing TechnologyUsing advanced data matching algorithms that examine the printdata, IST enhances grayscale diagonal and curved line output toensure optimal image quality with every print.

Automatic Maintenance Systems

An auto cleaning LED print head, dual main charge system and maintenance free media cutter result in longer intervals between maintenance visits for increased productivity.

Calibrated LED Head Design

The print head design involves the individual calibration of all LED pixels. This unique process delivers a smoother and moreconsistent image quality for fine lines, grayscales and graphics.

Contact Toner System

The non-magnetic, mono-component KIP 8000 toner technology provides 100% toner efficiency, without unnecessary carriers, developers or waste receptacles to purchase or replace.

Key Monochrome Scanner Features„ Range of scanning speeds to meetany requirement„ Internal memory for sets copying„ Touch screen interface and intuitivecontrols„ Mode memory stores up to 10 userdefined settings„ Excellent connectivity options,including SCSI and TWAIN„ Maximum speed and high resolutionKIP Mono/Color Scanner Features„ Dual function scan system -monochrome and color„ Designed for high productionenvironments.„ True 600 x 600 dpi optical resolution„ Enhanced monochrome image quality„ Outstanding high fidelity color imaging„ Integrated with KIP and inkjet printers

KIP Monochrome Scanners

KIP monochrome scanners are highly advancedwide format image capture devices designed tomake precise information capture a fast, streamlinedprocess regardless of original quality. Theavailable range of scan speeds delivers reliableperformance and outstanding quality, coveringthe total range of production demands.KIP Mono/Color ScannerThe KIP 2200 color and monochrome scanner provides high demand userswith a unique combination of maximum speed and high resolution. Fullyintegrated with KIP and inkjet printers, the KIP 2200 scan system providesa full suite of state of the art software for color and monochrome copyingand scan-to-file operations. True 600 x 600 dpi optical resolution scanquality is delivered from three independent imaging cameras and atouchscreen user interface that provides ease of use and comprehensivesystem status information.The KIP 2200 scan system covers the full range of monochrome and colorapplications, from basic to advanced, while handling the work of twoscanners from a single unit.


KIPFold 8000

The KIPFold 8000 online folding system communicates directly with KIP 8000 series printers, and may be controlled through the folder touch screen. The system comes standard with packet and book folding capabilities up to 8 ft. in length andfan folding up to 20 ft. in length. The KIPFold 8000 offers anoutput tray that stacks up to 150+ folded documents for collated sets. The system also includes a print stacker for unfolded documents, fanfolds, and overlengths.

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