Flexi 365

Flexi 365

  • $719.99

  • Always up to date with the latest printer/cutter drivers and features so you can add a new printer.

“What’s new in Flexi?”

  • Drives the latest printers and cutters
  • Windows 10, 8 and 7 support
  • Artwork Approval Tool: Easy, automated way for businesses to manage artwork changes and approvals with their customers
  • True Shape Nest Contour Cut: Up to 50% media savings for print-and-cut jobs
  • Banner and Canvas Finishing Tools: Reduces time spent finishing with tools for grommet marks, folds, stitch marks and bleeds
  • View and Change Vinyl Cutting Order: Manual configuration of cut order and origin point speeds up cutting
  • Animated Cut Viewer: Previewing how designs will be cut before production reduces errors

SAi Flexi 12 Sign & Print (Formerly SIGN-PRO)

SAi Flexi is the industry’s leading design, RIP and vinyl cut software, with world-class design and production tools, an intuitive workflow and integrated websites that bring you new business. Now you can also open the door to a world of business apps, gain production insights on your computer or smart phone, and quickly access support and social media pages where you can find tutorials and other helpful videos – all with the new Flexi 12.

  • The industry’s most seamless Print & Cut workflow.
  • The best vectorization and clipart cleanup tools.
  • All the design tools you need to complete jobs in fewer clicks.
  • New business through SIGN.COM and a free web store.
  • 1000s of supported printers and cutters. (See "Specifications" tab on this screen for a list of supported printers.)
  • Robust product line to fit a variety of business needs and sizes.

Vinyl Cut and Print Production:

  • Full-featured vinyl cutting
  • Full-featured print production
  • All-in-one print-and-cut workflow
  • ICC Media Profiler
  • Drives 3 printers at once
  • Supports over 1,000 vinyl cutters

New Features:

Nest Contour Cut Jobs Added to Production Manager:

When creating graphics that will be contour cut, Flexi will automatically shift the graphics around to make sure it maximizes the number of items that can be printed on the media. For big sign-shops, that could amount to easily hundreds, and probably thousands, of dollars in saved media cost and also improves print throughput.

Now that you can add contour jobs to Production Manager, never again struggle with outputting contour cut jobs on a virtual hybrid setup, contour cut jobs designed in 3rd party applications, or files that already include contour cut lines. Automatically rotates and nests by actual shape. Send to Flexi or other RIP software.

Flexi NestNest contour jobs in Production Manager for the most efficient use of your device and media.

Job Approval Tool:

Save time and get designs approved quicker. Browser-based review and mark-up. Automatically tracks projects and revisions.

Flexi ApprovalSave time and track customer sign-offs with new web-based Job Approval Tool.

Flexi Mobile:

The SAi Cloud mobile app gives you on-the-go access to the recent job list, production information and job trends using your iPhone and Android mobile devices. Sales folks in the field will instantly be able to answer their customers on print status, and shop managers will be able to monitor their equipment to make sure that unauthorized runs aren't happening.

Flexi MobileRemotely monitor jobs from the mobile app.

Other Features:

  • Finishing Tools: With the new Finishing Tools in Production Manager, you can dramatically reduce your time finishing pop-up banners, hanging banners and mounted signs. Using the tools, you can prepare all finishing aspects of banners – including grommet marks, folds, stitch marks and bleeds. This especially saves you finishing time on longer print runs where you would have manually marked grommets locations on each printed banner. This also eliminates the time-consuming step of manually adding print bleed or fold area in design applications, saving you even more time.
  • QR Code Creator: The new QR Code Creator in Flexi Design makes it fast and easy to add QR code “interactive signage” elements to your portfolio of products. The new design tool automatically converts text into a QR code in the correct type for web links, email addresses, phone numbers and SMS messages. It can also create a QR code from Google map locations, allowing signage to direct people to an event location just by scanning the code. The QR Code creator also works seamlessly with Flexi Designer’s Auto Serialization Tool, allowing fast and easy creation of a series of QR codes for variable-data print jobs.
  • Cloud Window: SAi Flexi installs locally on your computer, but now has a convenient window full of web-based tools, convenient links and more.
  • Add and Move Split Lines: Add or adjust split lines in the cutting software exactly where you need them for easy and effortless weeding.
  • Files: Click to see at-a-glance information about the files you have stored in your account on the SAi Cloud. Each account gets 1GB free. Archive files to the Cloud using the "Archive to Cloud" button in the main toolbar.
  • FlexiQuote: FlexiQuote is an online pricing system for new sign jobs that contains pre-loaded materials and pricing that you can customize to meet your shop's particular needs. Generate a quote in seconds for call-in or walk-in customers.
  • Printer Profiles: ICC profiles provide a cross-platform standard for measuring the color output of printers. Within each ICC Profile, the color output capabilities of a specific printer on a specific medium using a specific color mode are measured using a device-independent color space. SAi provides these profiles free of charge as a download.
  • Summary Reports: View summary production information including the number of jobs produced and the total area for each. These reports also give you total visibility in your weekly and monthly production trends.
  • New Drivers: View and update the latest print driver, cutter or hybrid device drivers. These drivers are organized by make and model and can be downloaded easily onto your PC.
  • SAi Store: Shop the SAi Store for Bad Wrap™ vehicle templates, clipart, textures, logos, ready-made safety signs, software training and more. Cut down on design time and browse individual files for immediate download. The convenient links in the Cloud window get you there even faster! Currently available in North America only.
  • Support: Quickly access the SAi software Support pages where you can watch video tutorials and troubleshoot support issues, submit an e-support request form, view user forums, read documentation and visit social media pages.
  • The Guild: The Guild is a member-led organization dedicated to the business growth and development of its members—sign and print providers.
  • Messages: The message tools give you useful notices from other Cloud Window tools and news about product updates, drivers and profiles.
  • Wrap Templates: View hundreds of up-to-date Bad Wrap vehicle templates, each with angles of the front, back, roof and driver and passenger sides.
  • Logo Collection: Instantly find and download thousands of vectorized logos from businesses across the globe on The SAi Store. Design Collection: Quickly produce banners, door magnets and more with this online library of ready-made design templates.
  • Clipart Collection: Browse thousands of Print & Cut-ready vectors and high resolution backgrounds for fast, easy and inexpensive clipart to complete a job of any size.


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