60" Vinyl Sign Sticker Cutter Plotter with Contour Cut Function

60" Vinyl Sign Sticker Cutter Plotter with Contour Cut Function

  • $1,279.99
  • Save $220

Red optic sensor, register marks with "Cut" Support, cut plug-in for Corel DRAW. 

With such a fast, accurate and versatile vinyl cutter plotter, you can contour cut most any media pre - printed - from your choice of inkjet, solvent based and laser printer.

WinPCSign plotting software (Match training CD)

Support CorelDraw output directly (But you need to buy a soft dog), please choose CutMate2.3 CorelDraw driver with softdog

This 60" vinyl cutting plotter has a contour cutting function and is used to cut all kinds of pictures, letters, and similar materials on self-adhesive vinyl, sticker. It is made in China and comes with two years warranty.Please choose contour cut function, WinPCSign 2009 Basic Plotting Software.


• Low cost and high performance machine for the manufacture of signaling.
• Controlled by RISC high-speed processor, a high speed cache.
• This 60" vinyl cutting plotter can regulate the pressure and speed numerically at real-time. 
• This 60" vinyl cutting plotter supports CorelDraw files,  bringing great convenience to work.
• The cutting plotter is highly stable and has nearly no malfunctions.
• This 60" vinyl cutting plotter  has a stylish design and very solid support. 
• The cutting plotter has LCD with a very accurate and simple English Menu, operated it by pressing buttons.
• The plotter’s pinch rollers are adjustable.


• Unique soft impact cutter
• This cutting plotter adopts the latest numerical technology, which creates a new concept of cutting.
• This 60" vinyl cutting plotter has a perfect output: there's no saw tooth even when using high speed.
• This 60" vinyl cutting plotter doesn't shake while cutting.
• The paper stays in place when using rolls of media.
• Save money for you.
• Smooth cutting
• It is very convenient and can be achieved fast.
• The cutting plotter is easy to operate. 

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