54" x 50yd Roll Glossy Cold Laminating Film (Monomeric 3.15 mil, Paper Adhesive Glue)

54" x 50yd Roll Glossy Cold Laminating Film (Monomeric 3.15 mil, Paper Adhesive Glue)

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Description: cold laminating film is alternative  to Thermal Laminating Film that require no heat to activate the  adhesive. No warm-up time necessary. Similar to using standard adhesive  tape to cover your document, cold lamination is perfect when the  precision quality of a thermal heat laminator is not necessary. Or when  the material you are using cannot withstand the heat of thermal  lamination. Roll lamination film preserves and protects documents. Roll  lamination film can be used to laminate posters, maps, signs and other  documents.


Item Description / Specification
Application For over-lamination application, also can be used for digital & Screen Printing
Standard Size
Width 54 inches (1.370m)
Length 50yd (150 ft, 45.72m)
Core Dia. 3”
Surface Finish Gloss
Type Calendared monomeric soft PVC film
Thickness 80 ± 5 micron
Color Clear transparent Glossy
Tensile Strength ≧ 16 N/mm2 ( MD / CD )
Elongation ≧ 120 ( MD / CD )
Shrinkage ≦ 1 %
Surface Tension ≧ 30 dn/cm
Type Solvent based clear permanent adhesive
Dried Coated Weight 20 ± 2gsm
DT20min Peel > 600g/25mm
DT24hrs Peel > 800g/25mm
Shear > 1000Min.
Release Force 50 - 150 g/50mm
Back Liner
Type Single-side PE coated Kraft
Color White+Green grids
Basic Weight 100 ± 5gsm
1 year (Proper application & normal condition)


Width: 54"(1.37M)
Length: 150ft(45.72M)
Gross Weight: 16KG 

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